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Custom Milled Putters

Our putter face milling service consists of using our milling machine, which allows us to customise headweight in the instance where manufacturers do not offer lighter heads to accommodate clubs that are being built at longer lengths. This highly specialised custom milled putter service, normally only available on tour, allows us to optimise your scoring clubs when there is a requirement to alter headweight without changing the shape of the sole on the clubhead.

Why Is Custom Fitting Important?

When a club has a heavy headweight, it can affect the precision of a swing, as the balance point is closer to the clubhead. Although it is still possible to play when your clubs are not weighted in the most efficient way, your performance will not be enhanced in the same way. Our wedge porting and putter face milling services aim to ensure that the club can optimise performance through eliminating potential drawbacks. When putter face milling services have been carried out, it means that consistent ball contact is maximised, which again improves accuracy.

When you utilise our services here at Precision Golf, such as our putter face milling service, you can be sure that your club will not be the thing holding back your golf game again. We make sure that your club is completely tailored to you and your style of play. For more information about the services on offer to you when you choose Precision Golf, click here!

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Wedge Porting/putter milling


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