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Our Shaft Fitting Services

It is a fact - no online golf shaft fitting tool or software-programme can determine the suitability of a shaft for a golfer and there is no such thing as “The Best Shaft on the Market". The best performing shaft for one person could be the worst match for another. But it’s not all bad news; help is at hand! We provide a custom golf shaft service, designing clubs that are specific to you.

What Does Golf Shaft Fitting Involve?

Golf shaft fitting is as much an art form as it is an exact science and, as a result, there is no substitute for an experienced club-fitter with sound product knowledge and a well-trained eye to identify the causes of ill-fitting equipment, to then design a custom golf shaft that is tailored to you. Our fitters select shafts within their armoury to make independent and impartial remedial recommendations to either re-shaft existing heads or, build an entirely new club or set. They will then demonstrate on your launch monitor the data obtained for their particular playing characteristics to optimise ball flight and cater for your preferences on shot-shape and feel. Accuracy, quality and precise details of the resultant club build is of equal importance, and best left to the experts.

Why Precision Golf?

Have you ever been to a fitting day when the clubs supplied following the fitting just don’t seem to feel or perform like the demo you tried on that day? When a club-fitting studio and workshop are not all under the same roof there can be discrepancies in machine calibration that may result in equipment being built slightly differently to the agreed specs causing them to mis-perform. There may also be circumstances when a club builder needs to confer with a fitter to optimise a specification based on the components they’re working with. At Precision Golf we undertake all fittings and building under one roof which allows us to take full responsibility for the performance of every club we build. We are also able to build to much tighter tolerances than manufacturers and we also incorporate SST PURE shaft alignment technology into every club we build. This means that your custom golf shafts will be completely adapted to cater to all of your needs.

How Can Shaft Weight Effect Performance?

When it comes to golf shaft fitting, the number one cause and effect of ill-fitting equipment is shaft weight, which will directly impact on swing linkage and timing. This is often overlooked, and golfers unknowingly think that flex has a far greater impact on performance. In reality, for a golfer of any ability, if you select a shaft with weight too heavy or too light by as little as 5 grams, flex is largely irrelevant as the weight of the shaft will dictate and override performance. Have you ever been to a range or a shop with a practice net, and seen or heard people asking for demo clubs. Normally people would ask to test for loft and flex for a driver and, length and flex for irons. Rarely would you hear someone asking for a driver, or 6 iron, with a particular shaft weight. Not only that, the head is then frequently taped up to protect it with possibly up to 10 grams of masking tape to protect the sole, face and crown. The effect all of this will have on the balance of the club is tremendous and it is not possible to accurately gauge the performance of a club you intend purchasing this way as you are playing a lottery. Our careful consideration with regard to every aspect of our custom golf shafts is what sets us apart and guarantees a significant improvement in your performance on the golf course.

Don’t leave anything to chance - let us help you play better golf.

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