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Custom Fitting for Juniors

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Over the last decade, Precision Golf has nurtured hundreds of junior swings with correctly fitting custom junior golf clubs to suit budding golfers as young as 9. Many have gone on to represent their county, some have played for their country, a few now play on Professionals Tours, and a couple took part in the 2018 Junior Ryder Cup.

Parents understandably want to give their children the very best opportunity to develop their game to their fullest potential. However, cutting down a new set of adult clubs could potentially ingrain negative swing traits that may stay with them for many years.

Until an age where juniors are strong enough, adult club-heads are simply too heavy. Rest assured there are many options available to Precision Golf that we can fit juniors for, from their first practice club, to a set they can have lessons with and take to the course.

When physically strong enough, juniors can move into adult weighted club heads, which opens up a wider variety of head and shaft options allowing Precision Golf to help pave your child’s way to developing their amateur game, or even lead them to a future career in golf.

Any of these remedial solutions could be achieved by simply re-shafting your existing club heads or by building you entirely new clubs from any brand.

For more information about our custom junior golf clubs or to book an appointment please see below.

custom junior golf clubs


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