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Driver Custom Fitting

£100.00 (Approx. 1 ½ Hours)

The objective of driver fitting is to maximise distance, optimise ball flight and increase accuracy without sacrificing consistency. Where appropriate we will always examine the possibility of reshafting your existing driver head, or we can hand build you a new driver in our onsite workshop from any leading brand.

The optimum launch angle and spin rate varies considerably from player to player. Imagine turning a garden tap on holding a hose with a slow water flow, versus one with a fast water flow. Achieving the maximum distance the water can travel will require you to pitch the hose at 2 very different launch angles. In simplistic terms this is what we seek to achieve during the fitting by finding the optimum launch and spin for your swing speed and swing dynamics.

We use shaft characteristics such as shaft weight, bend profile, flex and swingweight to our advantage in order to build equipment that will give you the best chance of hitting as many fairways in regulation. Driver head selection is of equal importance and, whilst many companies boast to be the longest or fastest they have ever made, they are all designed with characteristics that might suit golfers differently. Once we have found a shaft that performs optimally, we are able to test that shaft on any of the latest driver heads and adjust their loft and face angle accordingly to find you the ultimate combination.

We firmly believe Precision Golf has the most in-depth independent product knowledge in the industry, allowing us to select shafts and heads purely based on producing the best possible performance, rather than offering you the best fit from a limited offering. Any recommendations and potential performance gains will always be substantiated with launch monitor data.

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